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The Mi-Ki is intelligent, calm, sweet natured, affectionate and their activity level is low to moderate. They are extremely social and cat like in their mannerisms. The Mi-Ki is such an adaptable little dog, that many people who otherwise wouldn't be able to have a pet, find they can indeed have a
Mi-Ki. They can be happy and healthy with a small yard, short walks and a sunny window to perch in. Generally the Mi-Kis bark very little but will alert you when company comes to your door. They make great apartment and condo dogs, but also enjoy the outdoors. They are good with children as well as the elderly and are often used as therapy dogs. They are easy to train & house break and will easily adapt to various life styles. They are great little traveling companions either by car or plane.

Mi-ki's average 4 to 8 pounds and are available in an array of beautiful colors. There are two coat types for the Mi-Ki breed, the Long coat and the Smooth coat. They are easy to maintain with a weekly combing and brushing and also look good in a puppy cut if you prefer the look.

Mi-kis are a wonderful little breed and will give you years of unconditional Love. Make one yours today.

We Have Wonderful News: The Mi-Ki's Have Been Accepted By
The United Kennel Club (UKC) as of January 2016


Mi-kis were featured on Animal Planets "Dogs 101" on November 5th 2011
Visit their websight at


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