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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mi-Ki?

Mi-ki (pronounced Mee-Key) is a small, purebred,toy breed dog. Mi-kis are a rare breed due to the small number of dogs in existence. While the heritage is somewhat sketchy the Maltese and Shih Tzu make up a large percent of their genetic makeup as well as the Papillon and Japanese Chin. The creator of the breed (Rev.Maureen Van Wormer Westburg also known as Micky Macklin) was looking to create the ultimate companion breed. She choose and bred  these paticular breeds for the qualities and traits she wanted in a small companion breed. Once her goal was reached in the late 1980's the Mi-kis have been bred Mi-ki to Mi-ki with stud books beginning in 1992 recording pedigrees for over 8 generations and growing. All breeds start with an ancestry and most are as sketchy as the Mi-Ki but they are not a mixed breed or a "designer" breed dog. 

Mi-Kis come in two coat types, the long coat and the smooth coat. The smooth coat has shorter hair covering the body and even shorter hair on the face,muzzle,head and only short wispy hair on their legs and ears. The long coat variety will have long hair covering it's entire body including a beard and mustache. Mi-Kis also have two coat textures,  Silky which lies close to the body
with little to no matting.  Cottony which is fuller and puffier and requires a little extra grooming to prevent mats. Mi-kis have a single coat, which like humans shed their hair through combing and brushing. A good combing and brushing at least twice a week will keep your Mi-Ki looking well groomed. Of course bathing is as needed especially when they have found a muddy pool to play in when outdoors! Mi-kis are hypoallergenic with little to no dander making them great for people with allergies.

Mi-kis are a companion breed and thrive with thier human families. They are lovable,snuggable,calm and quite. Their intelligence super-cedes any breed that I have ever encountered. They train easily and enjoy learning. With proper socialization and close supervision of children Mi-kis are excellent companions for older children. I don't recommend a Mi-Ki  for children under eight years of age. Children will be children and accidents happen but with the small size of the Mi-Ki it could be detrimental to thier well being.

Mi-kis are well behaved and not the "yappy" dog. They will alert you when company comes but soon after are willing to meet new guests with enthusiasm.Because of their calm disposition many of the Mi-Kis are used as therapy dogs in many places of the United States.
Mi-Ks require little excercise and are not hyper little dogs. A good game of fetch or a leisurely walk in the park makes them happy along with basking in the sun for a nap. Their cat-like antics of tossing toys in the air and pouncing and swatting at them will give you hours of enjoyment. Mi-Ki are everything you could want in a faithful and loving companion.

How Much Does a Mi-Ki Cost?

Prices for Mi-Kis vary depending on age, gender and if it is sold as Breedable. Males are usually less expensive due to more males being born than females. The demand for females is much greater making them more expensive. Breeder prices are much more expensive. An older retired adult would be the least expensive in order to find them special homes to live a happy and full life.
Breeding is a huge responsibility and not to be taken lightly. It is not the time to experience the miracle of birth. I rarely sell breedable dogs and only to well established breeders.
All prices stated are for "pet only" prices. 
For price information please call Sue at
(219) 778-2735 or email at 

How do I reserve a Mi-Ki ? 

We require a $500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit to reserve a puppy. A puppy is not considered sold until the deposit is received. The $500.00 deposit is then applied toward the purchase price of the puppy with the remainder due upon or before delivery. If you place a deposit on an up coming litter the pick of puppy will be as a first come first served basis.

What Type of Payments Do you Accept?

We accept Cash, Postal or Bank Money Orders, Bank Cashiers Checks and Credit Cards through Pay Pal.
Please Note: There is a 3% fee for using Pay Pal
Example: A $500.00 charge on your credit card through Pay Pal is an additional $15.00

What Colors Do a Mi-Ki Come In ?

Mi-Kis come in a variety of Colors. Solid White and Solid Black are hard to come by and prized by breeders. There are Bi-colors and Tri-colors in Apricot, Auburn, Black, Blue, Blue Gray, Brindle, Brown, Chestnut Red, Chocolate, Cream, Dark Blue-Grey, Dark Gray, Fawn, Gold, Golden Red, Golden Rust, Golden Tan, Gray, Gray Blue, Grizzle, Isabella, Light Cream, Light Gray, Liver, Mahogany, Pale Honey, Red, Red Brindle, Red Fawn, Sable, Silver, Silver-Gray, Tan and White.
While Mi-Kis come in all colors it is not unusual for their colors to change at various ages in their lifetime. You will likely not notice until you come across a puppy picture and be amazed at the changes. Color changes will never reflect the reason you love and cherish your puppy. 

At What Age Will MY Puppy Be Ready To Leave ?

We start to wean our puppies a 4 weeks of age. Providing that they are eating well and continue to grow and thrive we normally allow them to be placed with you at 10 to 12 weeks of age.

Will My Puppy Recieve Vaccinations ?

Yes. Puppies will recieve one of two puppy shots required before leaving. We do not vaccinate for Leptospirosis or Corona. We have found that many Mi-kis have had adverse reactions to these vaccines. Please advise your veterinarian to this possibility.
Rabies shot is not given unless the dog is at the appropriate age which is usually 16 weeks of age. Please do not let your veterinarian give the rabie shot in conjunction with any other vaccine, have this shot done at least 2 weeks apart from any other vaccine.

Will My Puppy Be Seen By a Licensed Veterinarian ?

Yes. All of our puppies at Little Angels Mikis will be seen by a licensed veterinarian around 8 weeks of age. The veterinarian will check heart, eyes, patellas (knees), ears, teeth, abdomen, testicles and weight. He will make sure they are healthy from the tip of the nose down to the tip of their tails. You will recieve a Pet Health Record with dates of vaccines, wormings,and checkups. Please take this with you on your first visit to your veterinarian. You will be required to take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. Please make your appointment ahead of receiving your puppy. This will help to ensure that you have a healthy puppy and prepare you for follow up routine care.

Are Your Adults Health Tested?

Yes. All of my adult breeding dogs have had hearts tested by a Board Certified Cardiologist for congenital heart disease and have had their eyes checked by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist for congenital eye disease. Patella's  Checked and Graded by our Licensed Veterinarian. Blood Profiles are drawn before breeding to check for any potential unseen problems. 

What Registry will My Puppy Be Registered With ?

Your puppy will have a pre-paid application for registration with a Mi-Ki only registry. Our breeding dogs are strictly registered with American Mi-Ki Registry Association (AMRA). All parents have been DNA'd by the United Kennel Club Inc. (UKC) and through BioPet Vet Lab. All puppies will also be DNA'd through BioPet for conformation of parentage. This is very important when wanting to purchase a genuine Mi-Ki dog. Mi-Ki registries help to maintain the diversity of this rare breed while also trying to resolve concerns of the genepool,health,temperament and conformation of our breed. 
I ask that you please send in you application for registration, this helps keep accurate statistics of the breed and expands our database for future references.

Do You have a Health Guarantee/ Contract ?

Yes. Your puppy will be guaranteed against life threatening genetic problems for 2 years from the date your puppy is born.
You may request a copy of the sales contract/ health guarantee for details.

Do You Require A Spay / Neuter Contract ?

Breeding is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. We do require that you spay or neuter your Mi-Ki unless a Breeding / Show contract is made in advance by us. When sold as "pet only" registrations will be held by Little Angels Mi-Kis until proof of spay / neuter is provided. This is the responsibility of the puppy owner (not the vet) to provide us the documentation of proof.
You may request a copy of the spay / neuter contract for details.

Are Your Puppies Raised In Your Home ?

Yes, All of our breeding dogs and their offspring are raised in our home,under foot and part of the family. They are our babies,handled daily and loved on constantly. You are encouraged to come and visit. We love the company.
I do not sell to pet stores,brokers or puppy mills.

Are Your Puppies Started on Potty Training ?

At 4 week of age when we begin to wean our puppies we also introduce them to the potty park system (artificial grass mat). It is amazing to watch these puppies practically train themselves to use this system. With the guidance from us your puppy will use the potty park with ease. While I won't guarantee they won't have an accident they will certainly have the start to successful potty training.

Where are you Located ?

Little Angels Mi-Kis is located in Rolling Prairie,Indiana. We are 1 1/2 hours east of Chicago Ill, 25 minutes west of South Bend, In and 20 minutes from Michigan City, In and beautiful Lake Michigan.

Do You Ship Your Puppies ?

For the well-being of our MiKi puppies or MiKi dogs we will not ship cargo. If you fly in I will gladly met you at the South Bend airport or in Chicago at the O'Hare airport or at Midway Airport.
I will also drive from my home in any direction for 2 hours free of charge to meet with you half way. Anything after the allotted 2 hours a charge of $50.00 an hour will apply. We will do want we can to keep traveling for your puppy as stress free as possible.

What is Provided For My Puppy ?
  • Medical records of shots and wormings provided.
  • Sales contract / Two year health guarantee against genetic defect causing death or genetic condition causing serious quality of life issues.
  • Puppy litter registration application ( upon verification of spay/ neuter unless sold as a breeder/ show dog)
  • 3 generation pedigree
  • Birth Certificate
  • Booklet filled with useful information from the Mi-Ki standard, puppy care, crate training, poems, poisons and more.
  • Sample bag of food to get you started  (Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy)
  • Treats 
  • Toys
  • Blanket with Moms and litter mates scent.
  • Lifetime of ongoing support   


What will I need for my new Puppy ?

  • Small crate/ exercise pen (ex-pen)
  • Bed
  • Potty park (artificial grass mat antimicrobial)
  • Nutri Source Small Breed Puppy  ( available at Menards, Pet Supplies Plus and most large pet supplies stores.) 
  • Nutrical puppy supplement  ( This helps keep there sugar levels up when in a stressful situation)
  • Treats for training
  • Toys ( they love squeaky toys, crinkle toys and toys that rattle )
  • Food and water bowls
  • A good brand of dog shampoo and conditioner
  • Metal comb ( I use a Buttercomb and also a Face Comb)
  • Brush
  • Toe nail clippers
  • Halter and lead ( I recommend a halter over a collar it is much easier on their little throats)
  • Lot and Lots of Love and Patience
  • Hugs and kisses


Please feel free to contact Sue at 219-778-2735 or email at if you have any further questions.  

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