Little Angels Mi-Kis

Hi Sue,

I wanted to send a few pictures of the play date Donna and I had with MarZi and Ozzy.  We had a great time and spent about an hour together at one of the parks nearby both of our condos. It was fun to see how social both of our dogs were. There were about twenty dogs at the park and everyone had a lot of exercise!!! l Donna is just as crazy about her little guy as I am of MarZi. They both stole the show. Everyone was coming up to us to ask about their breed.  Donna and I are trying to figure out if our two dogs share one parent because they resemble each other so much. I'll look at the records you gave us and I'll ask Donna to do the same.

Please let me know if the pictures come through OK. MarZi has the little hair clip on her forehead to keep the fur out of her eyes.

Keep well. I still hope to catch up for lunch with you sometime. If you are in Chicago give me a heads up.We are in and out of town a lot, but I'd do my best to work something out so we could meet up.

Best, Sandy

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Hi Sue!
Hope all is well with you. We are fine. Just wanted to touch base and send a few pictures of MarZi to you. Our condo building published a 2012 calendar called "The Good Dog Project of 111". Twelve dogs were chosen from all of the resident dogs in our building. All proceeds were donated to the Humane Society in Chicago. MarZi is "Miss February"! I have attached two of her pictures so you can see what a gorgeous little dog she has turned into. We LOVE her!!!!
Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing, ok??
Best Sandi

Hope you , and Denise, had a great show.
We took Zoe to the vet yesterday, and he pronounced her in fine health. When I read all the things you put into the pink booklet, I nearly cried. Yes, the love, care, and worry to make her such a fine puppy. She stayed quietly, and happily in my arms all the trip home. I took her to the pup grass, and she promptly wet.
She slept with us, and around 7, she awoke. I took her to the box, and success.
She is such a sweet, and smart , wonderful pup. We love and adore her. A bunch of friends, 2 by 2, scheduled not to overwhelm het,came over, and said they'd never seen a young pup, new to a household, so well adjusted.
Later today we briefly put her in the crate to pick up some groceries. Not a whine, nor a whimper. Thank you. Fondly, Rosalie


Hi Sue,
1/20 is Ozzy's 2nd birthday...wanted to say hi and thanks...without you he wouldn't be in our lives and he is such a sweet and wonderful boy and we love him. Some photos...he was in need of a grooming...but even messy ..he's beautiful.
Regards to all
The Yates

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